Tips for avoiding insurance scam

by fiziesss on September 6, 2013

Lately, insurance is becoming an in-trend in our society due to public awareness of its importance in life. Due to unhealthy eating habits that lead to dangerous diseases and also high incidences of theĀ  critical road accidents, are the common reasons of why we choose to have personal insurance to secure our life. Also, the […]


Tips On How To Manage Loans And Debts

by fiziesss on March 21, 2013

Debts and loans. Two common phenomenons that are inescapable in our life. For those who have monthly income, managing the loan and debt is probably not a big deal. Due to the economic pressure, many people opt for loan to do high-purchases such as house, vehicles, land property etc. If you do not have proper […]


Tips On How to Save Water

by fiziesss on March 20, 2013

During shower? Try to reduce the showering frequency and use a low pressure shower head Put a pail nearby the shower head when showering to collect the excessive water which can be used to clean up the toilet or to water the plants. Turn off the shower tap when soaping.   At the loo? Use […]